British Dialect. short and stout.

Olga wasn’t quite sure how it happened. One minute she was alone in the dark and the next she was in the brightness of the morning sun, enjoying the warmth that seemed to completely fill the empty space within her. The aroma of citrus and cinnamon greeted her, calming the anxious feelings she kept to herself. She could smell the aroma of bacon. There was a stack of mishapen pancakes with steam rising from the top. She could feel herself being warmed by the atmosphere around her.

She didn’t want to complain. Especially not now. There was really no use to even uttering a word about her loneliness. No one really understood anyway. Being kept in the back corner of a dark room had become her existence. She was no longer the object of anyone’s affections, no longer prized for her beauty, which had faded decades ago.

The passing of the years had left Olga worse for wear. It was obvious to her as well. Left in the dark for days, sometimes months, without any human interaction, Olga would sometimes practice what she would say if someone did ask her how she felt about this new room. She often wanted to come up with a diplomatic way to say she hated it. Retirement–no, mistreatment– didn’t suit her.

But on these rare occasions when others felt they had time for her, she relished being held and the smiles of contentment on her family’s faces. She saw them so rarely now. Everyone was busy and no one had time anymore for Saturday morning breakfast and tea. She heard the children’s laughter as they bound down the steps carelessly headed for the kitchen. They always reached for her and wanted to show their affection.

Olga filled with joy at the thought of the being held by the twins, their continuous laughter, and their funny stories. Overwhelming feelings of joy seemed to rise within her until she could no longer contain her excitement and she shouted, as loud as she possibly could, back to them to come join her.

Edith yanked her grandmother’s teapot off the stove quickly.

“Hey everyone,” she shouted into the air, “the tea’s ready!”


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