Atlantic Beachcastellated
  1. having many castles.
  2. Architecture. built like a castle, especially with turrets and battlements.

Sara Rachael McGovern had spent the last 45 minutes creating her castellated seaside view when the rising tide began undermining her efforts, carrying the sand from beneath the structures, toppling  her work for all the cackling birds to see. Frustrated and slightly incensed, she surveyed the tide and began searching for another area in which to build and cultivate her beachfront property.

At the age of 6 she had no idea she was learning a vital lesson, one that would sustain her 50 years later.

When her husband served her divorce papers, after she had walked with him through 15 years of his intermittent drug addiction, her employer decided to downsize, and her doctor’s closer look at her test results sent her shivering in the August heat, Sara Rachael McGovern Grose would recall the day when she was carefree and rebuilding a life was as easy as picking another patch of sand.  It would be clear to her in that moment that as crushing a blow as she was facing, she had been prepared long before she knew she needed to be.

Today she was just a little girl with pigtails who wanted to pretend to be grownup.


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