1. swiftness; speed.

The birds flew with such celerity, Amillah almost missed the darting animals. She enjoyed watching the birds. This was her daily hobby, her entertainment. When mama told her to go play with the other children, she would walk down the street and sit on the curb and watch the birds. The birds reminded her of home. They looked different than the dessert birds, but they still acted the same. They searched for food. They found food. They fed their children.

Amillah’s own stomach growled. The aroma of rice and braised lamb called to her. Her mouth watered its response. For her grandmother’s homemade naan, she would walk all the way back. Back through cold cities and averted gazes that told her she was unwanted.

Mama said things would get better. The people would see they were friendly and welcome them soon. Amillah had not been welcomed. Even the children stayed away, giving her funny looks from afar. She was a stranger to them. She was different than the quiet, staring blonde haired, blue eyed children.

Amillah sighed. She could try to make friends, but she’d rather watch the birds and remember her home.  Her body released another growl, but louder. Amillah wrapped her thin arms around herself, looking at the birds feeding their young, but all she saw was a table of family members, food, and smiles she now missed. She directed her attention to the family above. She would enjoy their happiness.


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