piano keysautodidact

  1. a person who has learned a subject without thebenefit of a teacher or formal education; a self-taught person.

Grace Phillips should’ve known.

She had been lost in thought, washing dishes methodically while her mind wandered. She could imagine the upcoming months of her husband’s retirement. It would be bliss. No more month-long tours to far-flung locales. No more touring the romantic cities alone or toting their son Riley around, pointing out ancient buildings and sculptures to a sleeping infant.

The grin on her face matched her long-anticipated dreams of marriage to a retired professional musician. As an autodidact on several instruments with a charismatic personality, Stanton Phillips was often touring. So when Grace first heard the faint sound of an A minor followed by the more confident strike of several notes in succession, she felt her hopes rebelling against the knowing knot in her abdomen.

With hesitation, she made her way toward her husband’s baby grand piano in his music room, her hands dripping dishwater. In the morning sun, Riley sat at his father’s piano, playing Chopin in perfect time, “just like his father,” Grace thought.

The 3 year old was absorbed by the music.

Grace gave a quiet, but weary sigh. Maybe 20 more years of touring wouldn’t really be that draining.


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