the branch of philosophy dealing with the originand general structure of the universe, with itsparts, elements, and laws, and especially withsuch of its characteristics as space, time,causality, and freedom.

Lara stared ahead, her mind wandering 10 months in the future when she would be Mrs. Peter Lee Vanderbilt. She released a silent sigh as she stared at Professor Vanderbilt’s beautiful face.

The day she accidentally registered for cosmology class had been the best day of her life. She wasn’t sure why the class had been mostly filled with men who stared at her as she scanned the room for makeup, wigs, and an assortment of hair products, but when she turned to see the young man writing equations on the board, she’d quickly taken her seat at the front of the class.

She loved everything about him. Besides being handsome and well dressed–for a serious academic–Professor Vanderbilt was funny, often making jokes she didn’t understand about particles of light matter and star dust. He had a light laugh.

He was even attentive to details. He was so careful to write the plus sign next to the Fs on her tests, thoroughly reviewing her answers to make sure she received every point for her partially correct answers.

Lara released another sigh.

He was so kind.

Before class had started, Professor Vanderbilt had said he wanted her to stay after class so he could talk to her. She’d nodded excitedly, silently hoping he had finally decided to ask her out on a date after 8 weeks of treating her like the other students.

She was already picking out names for their children and deciding what to wear on their first date.

Lara couldn’t help but smile. Yes, this had been the best mistake she’d ever made.


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