1. Zoology. assuming colors and forms that effect deceptive camouflage.
For the first time in a long time Shawn stopped to think about Bruce’s last order. He looked down at the bottle of spray paint in his left hand and back up to Bruce, whose back was already turned as he began to tag the cream colored exterior of the McKichum Estates. Bruce had laughed when he talked about how they would tag the homes of the elderly community in the middle of the night and then dump the cans in Henry McGovern’s locker before school started.
As the star quarterback and principal’s son, there wasn’t too much Bruce Greenly didn’t have access to, includingShawn’s admiration. A constant apatetic, Shawn bounced around from group to group trying to find his way, until he landed with Bruce and his jock friends in 10th grade.
While Shawn was far from athletic and clumsy when it came to girls, he was very good at academics, making him–well, really his test answers–well received by Bruce and his friends. Since then Shawn had followed Bruce around, laughed at jokes that weren’t funny, looked the other way when others were abused, and lied and cheated in order to stay wanted.

The idea of tagging an old woman’s home left a metallic taste in Shawn’s mouth and tight feeling in his gut. As he started to shake the canister, the clicking sound within underscored another idea. He started to wonder how fast he could run. Silently picking up Bruce’s book bag and car keys, he dropped the can inside and grabbed his phone, pressing record.

Shawn mentally measured the distance from the house to the car on the other side of the fence.

“Hey Bruce,” Shawn bellowed in a voice that didn’t sound like his own. “Smile for me!”

The look on Bruce’s face actually made Shawn laugh. He pivoted quickly and headed for the fence, trailed by his former friends.

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