1. haughtily disdainful or contemptuous, as person or a facial expression

“How’d the date go?”

Phillip winced and looked out the passenger’s window. He wished they weren’t stuck in traffic.

From the look on his twin brother’s identical face, Patrick knew things hadn’t gone well.

“What happened?”

Phillip sat silently, trying to figure out how things had gone wrong. He had planned the perfect date and even gotten Patrick’s advice on what to do and say. This time he even followed the advice.

“Phillip, seriously… we planned the perfect date,” Patrick’s voice took on an annoyed tone. “I gave you advice and told you what to say—”

“I know, but…”

“Lacey said she was perfect for you, beautiful, kind, patient–she even loves cricket and who in their right mind loves a game of cricket—you can’t find that combination every day!”

“Patrick, I know!”  Phillip nervously tapped a beat against his thighs. “It’s just that she had problems, man.”

Phillip fought to stay composed. He was tired of seeing his brother feel defeated after every date, while he enjoyed two years of wedded bliss.  He just wanted his brother to have what he had. His wife, Lacey, had mentioned the girl in her spin class and she sounded like a good fit.
“Please explain.”
Patrick took a deep breath.
“Dinner was going well and I thought she just wanted a salad, but it turns out she doesn’t eat meat—”
“Phillip,” Patrick’s voice boomed throughout the truck. “Really?! That’s not the worst thing ever! Every couple has their—”
“And she doesn’t cry when she hears Bette Midler sing The Wind Beneath My Wings!”
There, he’d finally said it.
A supercilious look registered on Patrick’s face, as he stared at the traffic.
“What?!” Patrick shook his head in disbelief. “That’s not possible, man. Everybody at least tears up when they hear that song.”
“That’s what I said.” Phillip’s hands were in the air as he shook his head as well.
“Thank God, you dodged a bullet man! She probably hates cats and cocoa, too.”
Patrick extended his fist to his brother. Phillip bumped it in return for the solidarity.
“I’ll tell Lacey to be more careful next time.”

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