1. to form of small squares or blocks, as floors or pavements; form or arrange in a checkered or mosaic pattern.

The great facet about life is that there are always moments when the most unexpected things happen, disrupting the mundane, the everyday. There are “suddenly moments” that reroute the trajectory of life through one meeting, one opportunity, or even one glance.

Sarah McGovern was three hours away from her moment, but she didn’t know it. She had spent another boring morning of another dreary, depressing day lying in bed, using her personal time to stare at her ceiling. The weight of another horrific break up with another insensitive male devoid of compassion and selflessness had put her in need of mental health week.

While staring at a small annoying crack in the ceiling, a random thought occurred to her. It was a slight memory of the importance of Vitamin D as a natural mood enhancer. Now, why Sarah will actually decide to slither out of bed and take her first shower in three days before going to the park is unknown to her. And five years from now, she will laugh about this at her husband’s birthday dinner. In mid-coversation she’ll wonder aloud, what possessed her to leave the comforting vortex of her bed to venture outside to face a decrepit humanity.

Sarah forced herself into the shower, hoping to scrub away her life, fully enmeshed in oppressive thoughts and unaware of all that will take place as she ventures through the park, surrounded by people while still feeling so unattached and unconnected from any other human being.

Within minutes a tall, handsome man will stand in front of her, blocking her way. His smile will seem to hurt her eyes worse than the sun.

He’ll say hello, but she’ll wave off whatever he’s offering before more words even escape his mouth. He’ll smile even bigger as she mutters unintelligible adjectives expressing her disinterest. However, within mere minutes of their first rocky conversation, Sarah will feel something strange happening, as if things are coming into focus for the first time. Something about him will seem familiar–this stranger’s laugh will remind her of safety and appreciation and selflessness. And in the subsequent weeks and months, she’ll come to know a man who takes the broken pieces of her heart–that many had carelessly danced upon–and he’ll put them back together, taking the time tessellate every fragment into a piece of art.

But that sudden moment was still an hour away. And for Sarah, the idea of anything being vastly different from her previous breakups was a lifetime away, in terms of possibility.

With the little bit of effort she could muster, Sarah threw on an old pair of jeans, a wrinkled baseball tee and a faded baseball cap so she wouldn’t have to do her hair. She scrounged around for flats and grabbed the first pair of matching flip flops she could find, trying to hold on to some standards.

Bracing herself for the outdoors, Sarah opened the ridiculously heavy door to the apartment building and squinted at the sun. Rummaging though her bag, she found her Ray Bans and shoved them on her face, wanting to avoid the sun and anyone who might recognize her. She sighed audibly. She hated days like today. The third day of the break up was always the worst.

Clutching her canvas bag as she walked, she looked both ways before crossing the street and randomly decided to head to the park. She’d be able to blend in and avoid people there.


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