1. of or relating to stars or constellations
2. measured by the apparent motion of the stars

The smile on his face must’ve been as ridiculous and annoying as it felt. His cheeks were aching from smiling so much, but he couldn’t help himself. Everything she was saying was just so… perfect.

He was unaware that he was focusing less on the exact words she was using and more on the fact that each statement revealed more of her amazing character. She was witty, well-read, adventurous, and had an amazingly loud laugh.

Talking to her gave him this strange feeling, like he was staring into the great expanse and marveling at a new sidereal discovery.

Simon never expected to meet anyone like Emma in his life. It had been less than an hour, but he was thinking of asking his new neighbor to go on a date that evening, maybe take a stroll around the grounds holding hands or something.

Emma broke into another fit of loud laughter, cracking up over memories from her first and second marriage.

Simon already had hopes of being husband number three. He hadn’t touched his applesauce, and since laying eyes on Emma and her beautiful smile, he didn’t feel all that hungry anymore.

“Do you think you, Ms. Emma, that you would do me the honor of accompanying me on a light stroll around the grounds after dinner tonight,” he asked, feeling the heat rise in his cheek.

A sheepish grin crossed her face as she looked down at her half-eaten plate of food, feeling shy for the first time in 30 years.

“Yes, I think I would enjoy that very much, thank you,” she said with an affirming nod.

They both grinned at their meals, feeling the cocktail of infatuation in their bloodstream strip away the length of life that had slowed their steps to a crawl.

“Great,” Simon said, with a laugh, feeling hopeful. “I look forward to it.”

He would make sure to dress up that evening and even grab his dentures for their romantic stroll in the gardens.


*This post was inspired by Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day, because they updated their webpage first.





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