1. a woman who is skilled in relating stories and anecdotes interestingly.

There was something strange about the children at 114 Pearlberry Lane. They laughed like normal children, played like normal children, and even got upset like normal children. But unlike most households, there was a certain time of day when you realized they were very unlike normal children.

At the end of the day, the children grew quiet with a low hum of anticipation. The more the sun set, the brighter their eyes became. While most children dreaded the idea of going to bed, the little ones of 114 quickly ate their meals and hurriedly cleaned their dishes, racing to their beds.

Before their father could even utter the words, “it’s time for bed,” the children would be in their pajamas, all gathered on Mama and Daddy’s king-sized bed, awaiting their daily joy–a bedtime story from Mama.

A gifted raconteuse, Mama would grab the huge brown leather-bound book from the bookshelf and select a story.

But these weren’t fairytales.

Each night Mama would share about one of the children, about how they were loved and wanted before they ever came to 114, about how she and Daddy always wanted them to be part of their family.

Each night every child heard about how they would do great things in life and always be loved just for being themselves. They were reminded of how uniquely they were made, how greatly they were loved, and how that would never change.

As the children were lulled to sleep by the soothing sound of Mama’s comforting words, their hearts would feel light as they heard how they were loved even when they were smaller than a penny and more fragile than glass, and how the family of 114 was better because they were there.

After the last child had fallen asleep, Mama would close her big leather journal and place it back on the bookshelf. Then she and Daddy would carry each child to his or her own bed. Each night they would kiss their little foreheads, gazing at the diverse beauty of all their children and whisper the truth in their little ears: “Remember that you have always been wanted, little one… we are so glad you are here.”



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