Month 2 in Review


So I won’t have a “yay, me!” moment every month, but I want to make sure I’m reflecting on things periodically and enjoying the moment, instead of just working and checking off tasks. In all honesty I actually enjoy checking off tasks, but that can’t be my life.

Strangely enough, I hit this milestone and subsequently had to come to grips with my inability to continue what had become my normal (tiring) pace. As much as it’s been annoying me not to post daily, I had to be realistic with myself and take care of my adult obligations this week. I’ve still continued writing, but posting has fallen by the wayside as they say. There are smatterings of stories that will be completed and posted later, when I put myself back on track. Okay, enough talk about the future–onto the past.


Stories I like (in chronological order):

  • Raconteuse
  • Contretemps
  • Auspicious
  • Sidereal
  • Affinal


Stories I’d like to expand:

  • Auspicious-the idea of adult children who vastly disagree with their parents still working to honor their elders excites me
  • Ersatz-I’d like to explore love growing over decades between two people who actually respect and have known each other most of their lives
  • Affinal-this story didn’t end up on my “Stories I like” list because there are some things I’d like to change to make it better and explore what it’s like to lose someone you love and who’s shaped your life and your character in profound ways


Questions I wrestle with:

  • Is this practice sustainable?
  • Can I be satisfied when I fall short of my own writing and posting goals?
  • Can I create a way to help me know if I’m getting better at my writing?
  • Can I do something to help me explore different characters and ways of telling stories?
  • What would help me write shorter, more succinct flash fiction pieces?
  • Have I written anything that inspires me enough to turn it into a full novel?
  • How do I carve out time to work on the novel and sustain this blog? Is that an impossibility?


What I’ve observed this month:

  • I like writing stories that show an overlap and different viewpoints of the same issue.
  • Most of my main characters are females.
  • I’m still focused on relationships.

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