1. resembling mother-of-pearl; pearly.

The distinct, sharp clacking sound of synthetic surfaces smacking each other caught Catherine’s attention, drawing her gaze to the hallway.  Her 6-year-old was covered in layers of fake jewelry, struggling to get down the hall in Catherine’s 5-inch heels.

In the living room all the baubles shown in the afternoon sunlight, the margaritaceous exterior catching rays of the sun and bouncing muted light before Catherine’s eyes.

Despite Catherine’s affections for her grandmother’s jewelry, she couldn’t help but smile. She remembered doing the same thing when she went to visit her grandmother as a child.

For hours at a time, a young Catherine would stand in the mirror adding layer after layer of necklaces, broaches, rings, and scarves to her petite frame. Her grandmother would laugh to the point of tears.

The scarves were the only thing of real monetary value. Everything else was purchased by her grandfather during the Great Depression, when even such frivolous purchases were unthinkable. Her grandmother’s jewelry collection had been expansive, but was quickly sold for a fraction of its value just to keep small bellies filled when Catherine’s grandfather lost his job. But he insisted that his wife have at least imitations of her favorite things until he bought the real jewels once again. Her grandmother had kept them even after things had improved.

When her grandmother had passed away Catherine had grabbed the symbols of her childhood fun and kept them, wearing fewer pieces at one time, but enjoying them just the same. On her daughter, they looked overwhelming, but Catherine could see they were being enjoyed.

“You look beautiful,” Catherine said with a laugh. “I think we just need to get you one more scarf to complete your look.”



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