1. vile, shameful, or base character; depravity.
  2. a vile or depraved act.

Daniel enjoyed the afternoons he spent with Jessica Fraser. They worked together at a financial firm and had been getting to know each other better outside the office for the past few months.

He had learned a lot about her, but he was surprised that the woman who was a consummate professional at work was just as nuanced and detail-oriented in her everyday life. She saw everything and seemed to have a photographic memory. And she was officially the healthiest person he knew.

This weekend they had ended their afternoon run at her place. Daniel was fascinated as he watched her move barefoot around her spotless kitchen, pulling things together for the salad she had offered him that she said might precede dessert.

With the last guzzle of water from his bottle, Daniel tossed the container high in the air, landing it perfectly in the center of the wastebasket.

Jessica felt a surge of adrenaline in her veins as her temperature soared higher than the bottle had.

Daniel turned to Jessica. The smile on his face at his great aim and smooth execution was the antithesis of Jessica’s scowl. It was as if throwing away trash was somehow a turpitude act in her apartment. He expected her to be grateful and impressed at his display of good home training and his ability to clean up after himself.  Instead she seemed incensed.

“Have you lost your mind,” Jessica practically screamed.

Daniel was at a loss for words and completely confused.

“That bottle can be turned into a pen or another bottle that some ignorant human will one day try and throw away, even though there’s clearly a box for recycling plastic right next to the trash can!”

Jessica fished the plastic bottle out of the trash with ferocity.

“What’s wrong with you,” Daniel countered. “You act like I committed the unpardonable sin, or something!”

“Please, if it had been a glass container, I wold never speak to you again,” Jessica scoffed. “Do you know glass can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing any of its properties? It’s amazing.”

Daniel stood shaking his head. If he’d known how passionate Jessica was about recycling he would’ve come with a reusable container and tried to impress her that way instead.

Jessica sighed heavily.

“This is not working out,” she said quietly, looking down at the massive bamboo bowl of salad on the marble island. “But you can stay for lunch because I did offer to feed you after our run.”

Daniel stood stunned.

“After salad, is there any chance for dessert,” he asked tentatively.

“Absolutely not,” she said.

He knew whatever “this” had been was now officially over in her mind, but he pondered the thought of collecting enough bottles to redeem them in exchange for their relationship.


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