1. Chiefly Western U.S. very; exceedingly: That was a larruping good meal.


It felt like an impossible task to contain the thoughts within his head from proceeding out of his mouth. Even if he had masking tape at his disposal, he probably wouldn’t have thought to prevent all of his boasting with a single, effective strip of tape across his mouth.

Only clear-headed people think this way. People in love are notorious for having lost their minds and all good sense.

He was making some larruping elaborate promises right now, but he didn’t care. With the way he was feeling, he could’ve promised her the moon. And indeed he had. Because promising a woman with high expectations and an excellent memory that you will always strive to make her happy and put her first in every situation really is the equivalent of promising the moon.

But Keene didn’t really know what he was doing or saying. For someone who had dated for well over a decade and never wanted to be married, he was slightly stunned by the level of euphoria he was feeling. But even that shock was swept over by the light feeling of happiness that seemed to emanate from within him.

With his hand clasped tightly around the simple engagement ring in his pocket, the thought occurred to him that he may have to rescind those words sometime in the future. Maybe around their fifth wedding anniversary?

Unfortunately for Keene, he didn’t realize that first moment of marital disappointment would come much sooner–on their wedding day to be exact. But that was understandable, considering he was madly in love.












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