1. Archaic. to apply cosmetics to (the face).
  2. Archaic. facial cosmetics

Miranda stared at the bright grey eyes she knew all too well. They were unresponsive as she peered into them. The varying tones of grey still seemed to sparkle, but they were different–stagnant and flat. She used to find such comfort and reassurance in those eyes. Now she a lifetime of pain and resignation. The knot in the pit of her stomach hardened into a heavy mass.

She couldn’t form words and didn’t really know what to say. The urge to wave her fingers before Peter’s face would be rude and only confirm what he was saying. He had never been one to play cruel jokes–he was playful, not mean.

Miranda didn’t know how this had happened, but she knew in her very bones that the only man who could help her find her daughter would be Peter. He was the best detective she knew. No one was better.

She had wondered if he would help her once she admitted her daughter was also his. But now she wondered if he actually could help her without his sight. Miranda’s mind was spinning. She was usually cool, methodical, good at finding quick solutions, but this wasn’t some slight thing that she could fard with just a slight stroke of her hand.

“Peter… I still need you–our daughter needs you,” she said, straining to keep her voice even. “I need you to help me find her.”





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