1. steadfastly courageous and resolute; valiant

The rain outside was heavy. It obscured Patricia’s view of her father’s car in the driveway, turning the scene outside into a melting world of blurred colors.  The sound of it forcefully railing against the house was usually comforting to her, but today it did nothing to calm her agitated heart.

She could hear her parents upstairs bickering back and forth. They had been yelling for about an hour. The yelling was normal, she was fine with it. It was the quietness that came after the yelling that worried her.

This afternoon the yelling had started as soon as her father had unexpectedly come home early. Normally the yelling would start and continue for an hour or two, but today it was shortly interrupted by her father bringing his suitcase downstairs. That was followed by his return upstairs and more yelling.

Now she could see her father in the car with his hands on the steering wheel, staring back at her.

Her heart quietly begged him not to leave.

Life would be horrible with him gone. Who would be the one to give her advice and tell her about the world? Who would listen to her stories from school and tenderly clean her cuts and scrapes before running off to kill spiders like only a doughty father could?

As Patricia watched her father back his car out of the driveway she suddenly realized the rain had stopped. The only sound she could hear was her own sobs and the loud pounding of her heart. But the view outside was still blurry.

She realized it must’ve been her tears causing the world to melt before her eyes.

With quick dabs from her sleeves, Patricia dried her cheeks so her mother wouldn’t see her admission of weakness and hurt. The evenings never went well when her mother thought Patricia sided with her father in these situations.  Patricia tore herself off the sofa in the family room and away from the window, she had calculus homework to finish.




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