Month 4 in Review



This past month has been busy with life and travel and attempts to stay on top of my writing schedule, which has continued to challenge me. I’m currently reading about seven different books–can anyone else relate?–one of which is about taking your horrible or good writing and making it better. If I find it helps, I may write about the book, we’ll see.

But, in an effort to stay consistent, here is the breakdown of what I’ve done in the last month and my thoughts on it.


Stories I like:

  • Jimjams
  • Gormless
  • Hypnagogic
  • Zoogenic
  • Fard
  • Exemplary
  • Botryoidal
  • Eldritch
  • Cunctator
  • Callow


Stories I’d like to expand:

  • From Jimjams to Fard- these stories for the week were ones I wove together around a central story idea. This would be more of a mystery than a romance as parents try to find their daughter and solve a crime.
  • Exemplary-could be a longer short story about someone who is talented and the major bread winner in her family, but ultimately feels trapped by responsibility.
  • Callow-This wasn’t a story that I thought too hard about, but seemed to develop as I was typing it. An entire backstory seemed to pop into my head. I’d like to explore the idea of a May-December relationship in the art world as two artists mature in different ways and find their careers heading in different directions. My desire would be to explore relational dynamics in the midst of success, disappointment, and art.


What I observed this month:

I have more ideas than I think I do, which is good. In addition to having a bevy of ideas, I would also like to develop various types of stories and maybe explore more mysteries, although my preferred genre involves futuristic and sci-fi elements, which hasn’t appeared on the blog because I’m saving that for my personal writing time.


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