1. to change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform


Peter found himself laughing along heartily to the last thing that was said. He couldn’t remember who had said what five seconds ago, only that he was doing what he always did, laughing along, just trying to fit in.

His laughter unnerved him. It had become strange–hallow and mechanical.

He looked around. There were people everywhere. Most of them he didn’t even know. It seemed as if every square foot of the penthouse apartment was decorated with people, laughing and drinking, just wanting to have a good time.

“Wait till ya see what we’ve got planned for Brazil,” his business partner said to some blonde to his left. “We’ll make a billion easy and pay the people pennies.”

Everyone around them laughed. And for the first time in months, Peter didn’t.

A metallic taste filled his mouth. He didn’t like what he was becoming. The fact that money could transmogrify his relationships and a person’s outlook on life was unsettling.

He needed air.

“Peter, where ya going man?”

“Be back,” he said, his eyes focused on the door.

He pulled his keys from the pocket of his leather jacket.

A long ride on his Harley would quench his need for escape. He’d come back tomorrow morning and clean up the place before calling his lawyer in order to shift the company’s direction.

An idea was bubbling to the surface within him, thoughts of how the company could evolve. No one else would like it, but he was the president of the company and now he was going to start acting like it.


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