1. Rhetoric. a reversal in the order of words in two otherwise parallel phrases, as in “He went to the country, to the town went she.”


Rahmin trudged into the house and dropped his briefcase at the door, not really caring where it landed.  The long days at the office were wearing him thin.  And lately he felt as if he lived at the office and only occasionally visited his home.

He plopped down on the pristine sitting couch he rarely saw, leaning his head back to stare up at the ceiling, unnerved by how unfamiliar his surroundings felt to him. His thoughts were interrupted by a quick tug on his pants at his knee.

Rahmin looked down to see his son looking back up at him, one of his bedtime stories in his small arms. The heaviness of the workday was supplanted by the budding desire to relax with a book and one of his favorite people.

“Read to me, Daddy please,” Amahn said.

Rahmin could pinpoint his DNA in his son, who was developing a love for books that Rahmin wanted to encourage more often, but often missed due to late work nights.

His appreciation for Aman’s silly voices and  unintentional chiasmus, always made Rahmin smile–even on his most tired days.

The precocious 2 year old didn’t wait for a response. Instead, he threw his book onto the couch beside his father  and grabbed a handful of Rahmin’s pant leg to try and climb up  onto the couch. Rahmin hoisted his son up onto his lap and propped the book up in front of them as Amahn began to snuggle closer into his father’s heartbeat, trying to find a comfortable spot.

Rahmin noticed his wife peek around the corner from the kitchen to check on things. He smiled hello and continued reading to his son.

The buzzing of Rahmin’s phone began just as he turned to the third page.

He shifted the book to his left hand and reached for his hip with his right. Without even glancing at his phone, he knew the buzz was prompted by work. He silenced the phone and held down the power button.

Someone would probably be upset at his lack of response and he’d probably have a bevy of emails to respond to in the morning, but for right now he just wanted to enjoy the job that had been getting the least of his attention lately.

“The story, Daddy,” Ahman said, tapping the pages

“Absolutely,” Rahmin said, picking up where he had left off.


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