1. to implant by repeated statement or admonition; teach persistently and earnestly (usually followed by upon or in): to inculcate virtue in the young.


Sunny days felt drab. And overcast days were downright deplorable. Even chirping birds and graceful butterflies had lost their appeal.

Alexandria watched her daughter deal with the pain of loss.

“Friends sometimes move away,” Lori was often found whispering to her teddy bear. “It happens, but you can still be someone’s friend even when you don’t see them every day, Teddy.”

The mantra was repeated several times a day by Lory. It was as if the 6 year old thought she could inculcate the phrase deep in the marrow of her bones through sheer repetition, and lessen the pain of losing her friend.

“Is Teddy going to be okay, Lory,” her mother asked at dinner that evening. “It seems he’s really sad about Megan moving away.”

Lori put Teddy down and began separating her peas into groups on her plate. She was silent for a bit.

“He is,” she said softly. “He misses Megan and all the tea parties we used to have.”

Alexandria nodded.

“That makes sense that he misses his friend,” she said. “That’s normal.”

An idea began forming on the periphery of Alexandria’s mind.

“You know, Lory, after dinner we could call Megan and ask her parents about maybe visiting her  before school starts  up again.”

Lory’s eyes grew wide with excitement.

“Mr. Teddy would love that mama,” she said.

The change in her daughter’s boy language was obvious as Lori began to hum and consume her peas, swinging her legs in excitement.

Alexandria wanted her daughter to learn how to cope through losing a friend, but if she were able to do something to lessen the obvious pain, she was going to do it.

“Thank you, mama,” Lory said during breaks in her meal. She was eating more than Alexandria had seen her eat in the last few weeks.

“You’re welcome, baby girl.”



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