Month 6 in Review



It’s hard to believe I’m actually at the halfway point of my challenge. I’d love to say I have a really good rhythm for writing and posting, but that isn’t quite the case, yet. I’d also love to say that the reason I forgot to post blogs was because I’ve been so consumed with turning my flash fiction into short stories and novels. That would be a flat out lie. Instead it’s just been a really busy month in which I was pulled in many different directions.

We had a wedding in the family, which was beautiful, stressful, chaotic, emotional, and rewarding. Working nonstop to help prepare for the actual day helped contribute to missing the most posts of any month since starting this blog. But instead of condemning myself about that I’ll share some good news, an interesting development, and get into the review.

Good news: I actually submitted a flash fiction piece to a literary journal yesterday. Yesterday was another busy day (for a different reason unrelated to weddings) so by the time I made it to the post office I was completely alone as used the automated machine to purchase my postage. This worked better for me because I took my time to stare at the envelope and wonder if the editors are going to judge me on my handwriting or the fact that I sometimes write my capital “A’s” in two different styles–after all, that could say something about my personality or be a tale-tell sign of an indecisive nature. (sigh) Anyway, the point is I mailed my submission yesterday. I actually put it in the mail slot without panicking or doing something crazy and embarrassing to get it back. I didn’t even vomit my chicken noodle soup onto the post office floor. To me, that’s cause for celebrating.

Interesting development: I stumbled across a writer’s workshop that I plan to apply for toward the end of this year. It’s a 6-week program and they accept about 20 people, which means the competition will be tight, but I’m going to do the work it takes to come up with some of my best writing now, so I can be ready to start the application process later this year.

And now, for the review…


Stories I like:


Stories I’d like to expand:

  • Velleity-In my mind this is a longer flash fiction piece that would show the character from the time she applies to art school to about a year later. I like the idea of showing how a character grows in the midst of challenges from those she loves the most.
  • Tweedle-My main character is a frog engrossed in thought about his future, his present, and his past. I liked a character wanting his life to move forward and being rewarded, in a way, for not giving up. Even though I’d like to expand this into a short story, I’d have to give this more thought as to where this could go, what challenges he might encounter.
  • Vox Populi-For some reason I feel more free to explore and say things when I write stories with animals, or in this case, insects, as the main characters. This story would be about an ant surviving after a flood obliterates his colony.
  • Doctrinaire-I was thinking this could be an interesting short story about the guy who’s in love with the beautiful, charismatic cult leader and how he’s the only one who can hide what she’s done or bring her down.
  • Arrears-I have some background to the story of this couple that could help explain how they got to this point and what they’re both running from. I don’t know if their marriage will involve divorce, but I think I’d like to expand this to either a short short story, or a longer flash fiction piece.
  • Sonorous-This was one of my favorites from this month because the concept was fully formed in my mind before I wrote it and I like a character that displays the tension of wanting to be and do your best but being completely unable to, which I think most people can understand on some level. I’d like to shape this into a solid short story–alliteration!!–and possibly send this off to a literary magazine.


Questions I wrestle with:

  • How do I prioritize my writing?
  • Is there a way to get my writing into my schedule?
  • Can I write, follow through on my responsibilities and get a good night’s sleep?

What I observed this month:

As I stated above, it’s been a busy month. I probably missed the most posts this month because of my focus being diverted. Even though this is the case, I’ve decided not to get down on myself and instead to be excited about writing things that still interest me. None of the flash fiction I wrote felt like it could be a novel, but I still enjoy writing and challenging myself to be more creative.


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