1. the rule or power of wealth or of the wealthy.
  2. a government or state in which the wealthy class rules.
  3. a class or group ruling, or exercising power or influence, by virtue of its wealth.

Gentle early morning sunlight had quickly turned into the overwhelming noonday sun. Only John Murphy’s demeanor and the blank canvas before him remain unchanged.

The longer he stared at the canvas the more this opportunity felt like an impossible assignment, a challenge meant to produce madness.

John absentmindedly  chewed the end of his paintbrush handle as memories from last week further undermined his focus.

With his reputation on the line and having received his biggest commission to date, John had taken his work down to the museum a week before his deadline, proud of what he had accomplished. Dr. Straignier had been less than impressed. Although she hadn’t used the words “amateur” or “commercial,” her encouragement to tackle the project again and Continue reading





  1. turning yellow; yellowish.

“You would never know it to look at her…”

Sam cringed inside. She could feel sweat beginning to dampen her t-shirt.

She stood against the kitchen counter, silently begging her mom not to tell the story of her birth and her flavescent skin.

“But when little Sammie was born–after almost 18 hours of labor–she greets the world, screaming, yellow as a bee! From head to toe!”

Sam stared down at her Chucks, not wanting to look up. She could feel heat fill her face.

“Lo and behold, my little Sammie had jaundice!”

Her mother told the story with passion, as if she were recounting the time her child had won the Nobel Peace Prize.

“It’s not contagious,” Sam mumbled. “I’m healthy now.”

The last thing she needed Continue reading




  1. inspiration; an impelling mental force acting form within.
  2. divine communication of knowledge.

There are things only fathers can share with their sons.

I know that now that I have little eyes watching me, little ears recording my words and even mimicking the way I say my words.

When I was younger I used to cringe when my dad would amble into the living room and park himself silently by our mammoth television set that seemed anchored to our family room floor. Inside my stomach would knot as I resisted the urge to look up, knowing his steady silence could only mean it was time for one of our “young man” talks.

My father said few words. Our talks were tortuous.

And after being blindsided by our detailed talk about Continue reading




  1. Informal. a roundabout way; circumlocution

“The! End!”

Marlena increased her volume trying to remove the weariness from her voice, blinking tired eyes.

Her daughter’s small hands grasped for the book, flipping the pages to the beginning again.

“One more time, Mommy,” Riley said gleefully, somehow full of energy at 9 at night.

Marlena looked at her smiling little girl, silently wishing she could be 6 again and go to bed early or have enough energy to make exhaustion seem like a reclusive neighbor.

Being a single mother was her full-time job that wound itself around her other full-time job as an administrative assistant for a law firm. Both were taxing. And although Continue reading




  1. to treat as a pet; pamper; coddle.
  2. a lamb brought up without its dam; pet lamb.
  3. any pet.


The TV suddenly went dark, turning the screen it into an ebony mirror of Jack’s slouching reflection.

“It’s time to go,” his mother said, setting the remote on the coffee table as she breezed through the living room, fixing her earrings.

“What are you talking about,” he asked, observing his mother’s change of attire from this morning’s breakfast. She had put on her gold hoop earrings as well. This was obviously a special occasion.

Jack had come over early for Saturday morning breakfast, his norm for the first Saturday of the month.  After their standard breakfast of eggs, ham, and biscuits with tea, he was usually able to lounge on the couch after having fulfilled his duties as an only child.

“We have lunch with your Aunt Bertha today, remember?” His mother’s quizzical look matched his own feelings.

“I reminded you last week to dress appropriately…I thought that was why you were wearing your nice slacks today…”

Jack glanced at his khakis, the Continue reading




  1. patient endurance of hardship, injuries, or offense; forbearance

“What do you think we should do?”

Petra hated it when her husband talked to her from behind his newspaper.

“About what,” she asked, indulging him while refusing to look up from her fitness magazine.

She ripped another page from the glossy publication, trying not to hate the remaining 15 pounds of baby weight around her middle as she stared at the toned women. With the page wadded in a ball she shot it easily into the recycle bin by the kitchen door.

“Your mother’s birthday?”

Noel folded the paper and placed it on the kitchen table. He sat with his hands crossed before him, leaning in as if he was prepared to engage in peace talks. And in a sense, that’s exactly what he was doing. Her husband and mother had a love-hate relationship in which her husband Continue reading

I Almost Wrote Something…


[noun, plural]

1. a microorganism, especially when disease-producing; microbe.
2. a bud, offshoot, or seed.
3. the rudiment of a living organism; an embryo in its early stages.
4. the initial stage in development or evolution, as a germ cell or ancestral form.
5. something that serves as a source or initial stage for subsequent development

After sneezing three times in a row today, which is very abnormal for me, I realized that somehow someone’s germs have tried to take up residence in my body. So instead of pushing myself to write something–which I almost did until the thought of sleep started lulling me away from my computer like the Pied Piper of Hamelin–I decided to see if I could get some rest. I literally laid down around noon and for the most part I slept like a bump on a log. (sigh) Sleep and Zicam are my friends.

I’ll see if I can double post tomorrow, or just extend my posting to Saturday. We’ll see…

Here’s to hoping that everyone else is healthy, rested, and refusing sickness!