Month 7 in Review


It’s crazy to think that I’ve been doing this for seven months. Crazy because I’m closer to my goal of 12 consecutive months of producing flash fiction than I ever thought I’d be, honestly. There are tons of places in which I could improve, but I’m not freaking out about doing things perfectly. Instead my focus is being consistent and improvement, which is some serious growth for me.

This month I entered another writing competition with a piece I wrote several months ago for a different competition that I, apparently, didn’t enter even though I submitted my story via email. I think I probably would’ve had more success had I submitted my story via carrier pigeon, but everything happens for a reason, so I won’t stress it too much. If nothing else, it allowed me to enter an additional writing competition.

Also, I’ve been pondering this idea of the responsibility of writing and what I put out for others to read. I have a story now that I think could be really good, but I wonder if it would be irresponsible to publish something that doesn’t purposefully elevate others. Maybe that’s too much pressure on one craft, but I read something horrible recently that I thought should’ve never been published, so it’s gotten my wheels turning in this regard…

And onto the regular rundown…

Stories I like:

  • Gaposis
  • Vilipend-Peradventure
  • Mirabilia
  • Venial
  • Opacus
  • Mountebank
  • Honorific
  • Whigmaleerie
  • Blandishment
  • Lief
  • Titivate

Stories I’d like to polish:

  • Gaposis-I’m debating if I could make this slightly longer to give a little more context for this story. Maybe I’d add 100 more words or so to give some context and strengthen the description of the metro and Maryland to help the reader “see” the environment.
  • Mirabilia-It seems like the destiny of girls is to turn into their mothers and I like how the mom comes across as strange and slightly crazy, but still loved by her daughter.

Stories I’d like to expand:

  • Vilipend-Peradventure-I have a bit of a sci-fi mystery going on in my head in this story. The idea of an unlikely hero realizing that her boring day-to-day is only a cover for
  • Venial-I really like the idea of this relationship between a father and his son whose now a father and this idea of the possibility of redemption when you’ve messed up so much that even you doubt that there’s the possibility of forgiveness. This is my attempt at flash fiction, but I really enjoyed trying to craft this relationship using the environment cues around them as a parallel to their cold, strained relationship.
  • Mesmerism-For this story I wanted to deal with that dynamic of inspiration and how one idea can propel us forward into our future calling. I have this whole idea of the main character going on his own quest to find his own voice and not just mimic another. Given that this is set in another time period, I’d need to do some research on the environment and big events during this era.
  • Titivate-I’d make this a bit longer to have some level of resolution between the mother and daughter. What appeals to me about this piece is the idea of a young woman whose life is sculpted more by the woman who’s taken care of her than the woman she feels abandoned her in childhood. There’s that dynamic of vilifying a person after they’ve disappointed you and seeing them through this lens that negates their best efforts and intentions.

Questions I wrestle with:

  • How can I continue to streamline the blogging process?
  • How can I get better at writing and make time for more reading?
  • How can I make time for expanding these stories?
  • What happened to my annoying autocorrect? I miss it.

What I observed this month:

I really enjoyed writing about the dynamics in strained relationships this month, especially when it seems like there’s no possibility of progress between individuals. Personally, I have the idea that there could be hope of restoration in the majority of relationships, but the task of drawing that out provides a good challenge for me.

After typing this up, I realized I liked a greater number of stories than I initially thought. For first drafts, I thought they were fairly strong, even though they could be enhanced. While I’m trying to experiment with different types of stories, I’m noticing that my stories still center around relationships and I really enjoyed crafting that to be more than just dialogue and thoughts.

To help improve my writing, each day, I’ve been trying to read more about what constitutes good writing. I have about a stack of seven books to go through just on that one topic… (sigh) It’s a process, but in this next month, I’m looking to try more styles with my writing, look into some different genres, make more time for engaging with others, and expand my stories. But we’ll see…


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