Month 8 in Review


This month has been busy and hard in a lot of ways. From the unusual to the unexpected–my dad came to town last week!!!–I found myself missing a lot of days because my attention was diverted elsewhere. The good thing is that even though I missed a whole week of posting–Thanks Dad! And really, thank you!–I’m not freaking out, feeling as if I’ve failed at blogging. This week, I’m just going to pick things back up and keep it going.

In the past few weeks, I’ve found some great resources for writers and bloggers, and writer-bloggers, so I feel like I’m learning a lot, practicing my writing and making more time to read and learn about writing. I’m also being more mindful of submitting my work and keeping my eyes open for great contests and opportunities to learn more about agents, publishing, and non-writing things writers do like book talks, promotion, networking, etc. The learning curve has felt steep for someone who’s only ever wanted to write and has paid little attention to all those other details. (sigh)

I’ve also gained some more motivation to organize things in such a way that I can tackle the two book ideas I have in the near future. But we’ll see…

Now, onto the review:

Stories I like:


Stories I’d like to expand:

  • Lucida-In my mind I have an idea of who Minnie is and what her life has looked like in the last few years. Her relationship with Ms. Abby is one that rescued her out of a vile existence of hopelessness and abuse. I’m thinking this will be told through Minnie’s eyes, as she recounts how Ms. Abby taught her the definition of love.
  • Eutaxy-The work environment I’ve created is an HR director’s worse nightmare, but I would love to expand this a little to be a novella about how scary achieving your dream can be when you step inside a place that is far from perfect.
  • Longanimity-I like these two characters and I’d like to see how they relate as the days pass. As of right now, I don’t have too much for them to do, which is a huge problem, but I would like to come up with some everyday adventure to plunge them into, particularly regarding the husband’s quest to get his mother-in-law’s love and appreciation.

Questions I wrestle with:

  • Can I come up with a system to continue writing during my busiest weeks?
  • How can I carve out time to expand my flash fiction pieces into short stories or novellas?
  • Can I use this year’s Nanowrimo to help me write a novel? Or is that crazy?


What I observed:

I still really like the everyday situations you find characters in that are not about espionage or quests, but are just really plain. But to make it interesting, I know I need an actual story (or scenario) to put my characters in that is worth reading. This is the challenge for me because I think I’m fine just observing the human dynamic of people.


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