1. to treat (a person) as a celebrity: to lionize the visiting poet.
  2. British. to visit or exhibit the objects of interest of (a place).
  3. to pursue celebrities or seek their company.

He felt their eyes on him as he headed to the car. He looked up to see his sons standing in the doorway. His youngest son, Hayden had his mother’s eyes–bright blue and always full of curiosity and mirth. But now his eyes held questions as he tried to understand what was happening around him.

His older brother Josiah, kept his hand on Hayden’s shoulder. Lee couldn’t tell if he was reassuring his youngest child or gently restraining him.

Josiah was a carbon copy of himself, from his chocolate brown hair to the way he ran wildly with his imperfect gait. His brown eyes flashed angrily.

Lee knew that look all too well. It was the way you look at someone you lionize when they’ve succumbed to the weighty ounces of gin for far too long.

He wanted to reassure his sons, tell them that he never wanted to be like his father. But it was too late for that now.

Marie came to the door and ushered her small flock inside. She gave him one withering look before slamming the door in his face, wordlessly reinforcing her stance.

It was over.

Lee threw the small duffle bag stuffed with clothing in the car and climbed in, feeling as disheveled and crumpled as the clothing he had hastily stuffed in his bag.

He sat in the driveway, wanting to sober up enough to figure out where to go to rest, now that he no longer had a home and had lost his family.


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