1. delight; enjoyment

“Oh no!”

A fierce wind whipped Little One to the left and then the right. Every effort to bend against the wind and resists its force seemed worthless.

“My leaves!”

Fear covered Little One’s words. But it was understandable. Every day there were fewer leaves on his branches.

“It’s okay, Little One,” Mama consoled. “Don’t fight the wind. Allow it to blow until you are bare.”

For Little One there was no delectation in the dying, only worry.

“Trust me, Little One,” Mama said. “You will see.”

Mama had wise words, but they had yet to silence the daily panic that continued to rise within.

“Simply rest and when you wake up you will see,” Mama said, “all you think you’ve lost has been replaced by something new and better than you expected.”

Little One was about to argue, but another gust of wind stole his rebuttal. He looked at Mama, peaceful and serene. How many times had she gone through this process? Tired of arguing, Little One allowed the wind to blow him back and forth, accepting what he could not change and slightly hoping for what he could not see.

“Trust me, Little One,” Mama said confidently, observing his sagging branches. “Trust me.”


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