Month 12 in Review


This is it! Month 12!

Yes, yes. I actually made it. I completed my goal of blogging for one year. Now, to be honest, I’m a person who likes to finish what I start. But I’ll reflect more on the overall blog and this last year in a post I have planned for later this week.

This month was all about getting back into the swing of things. After focusing on Nanowrimo in November and traveling and working hard in December, January was really about regaining my focusing concerning my goal of writing daily and getting those posts up on the blog. Thankfully this resulted in a few things I actually enjoyed writing.

Stories I like:

Stories I’d like to expand:

  • Kanone-In my mind this would be a longer short story that follows Kala and Gavin as their competing priorities tear at the fledgling relationship. Kala is so driven and Gavin has already placed sports at the bottom of his priority list, so I’d like to see how they would work through this scenario as Kala’s body recovers.
  • Ataraxia-I’d like to see how this could turn out for Patricia and her son. It’d also be nice to give this story some more grounding in the way of setting and background, which I want to improve upon as a writer.
  • Umbra-I really liked how this turned out, which was completely unplanned. I’d like to expand this a bit to give some background to what’s going on between Perry and Riley and their path forward as they travel the road toward health. They both desire the relationship they once had, but neither really knows how to arrive at that place.

What I observed this month:

This month I was happy to regain my momentum and actually write so I had something to choose from for this month’s review. Sleep was definitely a strong competitor to my writing, which felt like the perfect (and easy) excuse to postpone writing.

But overall, I’m happy with the work I produced this month. I want to continue challenging myself in what I write (subject matter) and how (style and technique). I have a lot to learn, but this month I felt like I explored more and varied things a bit more than I usually do, so I’m pleased with the results.

Thanks for reading, writing, encouraging, commenting, following, and sticking with me through the journey! It has all meant a lot to me and helped me continue to write.

Thank you! Thank you!









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