Year in Review


Well, this post has been a long time coming. And now, a month after completing my goal, I’m again working to carve out time to write and update this blog with my review of the entire year of blogging and a hint to what’s next. I’ve been ridiculously busy—too busy, actually—but I’ve also hesitated to say what I plan to do because then that understandable pressure of actually doing it will start hounding me every day.

(sigh) Accountability…it’s simultaneously wonderful and uncomfortable…

Anyway, last February, when I started this blog, it was after much time, pondering, and deliberation. I’d like to say that I was planning everything out, getting organized on my goals and plans, but really I was trying to get over being fearful and let go of some perfectionist tendencies—such a bad combo.

Anyway, once I made myself just start blogging, it was less scary. There was still lots of pressure and lots of work, but less fear.

My daily goal of writing made me rework my priorities, Continue reading