1. Psychologya slip of the tongue or pen,forgetfulness, misplacement of objects, or othererror thought to reveal unconscious wishes orattitudes.
   When James’ last manuscript ended with the protagonists committing suicide, his agent from Blake Publishing sent two emails. The next day a copy of his contract arrived. Highlighted in yellow were the terms for James’ chick lit series. In the margin was a note in blue ink:
You can not kill Muffy McPherson and Billie Bains!!! We need them to live for at least three more books! Read paragraph 8 on page 23! If you’re having some pre-midlife crisis, stop it NOW!
    The exclamation points made James smile slightly. He closed the front door and used the papers to create a path to the lighted fireplace. The papers began to absorb the gasoline on the floor.  Flames from the fireplace created a pathway, moving from one sheet to the next.
   James knew the details of the contract. He also knew the end he’d given Muffy and Billie had been the best possible solution, if not a moment of parapraxis. If his doctor’s diagnosis was correct, he wouldn’t be around for three more books anyway.
   James grabbed a pitcher of water and a bottle of sleeping pills from the table in the foyer and headed upstairs to rest.





  1. to make false and malicious statements about; slander.

Peter Peterson saw the demise of his career as a substitute teacher before the wolfish howls reached his ears. Clumps of rich brown curls fell ever so gently to the floor like feathers from a shot turkey.

Miranda Bainer’s little blue eyes filled with tears as she continued to scream. Ever the loquacious drama queen, Miranda was known to exaggerate her emotions, but Mr. Peterson knew the 6 year old felt the loss of her waist-length hair in the depths of her soul. Her red ribbon flopped around loosely now that it no longer had any hair to anchor it to the center of her head.

Next to her, Reginald Ballmer held a sharp pair of scissors–probably from home, Mr. Peterson, thought. He had a malicious smile on his face. Surveying the situation, Mr. Peterson could only surmise that this was all premeditated.

Reginald always wanted Miranda’s attention. Often her only response would be Continue reading


pertaining to, situated in, or forming small or narrow spaces or intervals between things orparts.
Anatomy. situated between the cells of a structure or part: interstitial tissue.

Tiny beads of sweat covered Paulo’s brow as he surveyed his current situation with panic and glee. He stared inside the patient’s skull, wondering what was going on inside the mind that was currently numbed to reality.

Interstitial folds of gray, wrinkled tissue spoke to the knowledge amassed in the patient’s six plus decades of life. Grooves impressed by the revelations of Niche, the grim pondering of Poe, and the misguided mind of Mao.

A nurse dabbed the sweat from Paulo’s forehead before heading to adjust the temperature in the operating room.

The first delicate incision into the patient’s brain struck Paulo as a weird moment. He felt the surge of the quest to retrieve the tumor from Dr. Fairchild’s brain and leave him unscathed with the promise of at least 20 more solid years of teaching lit at Bainbridge College and mercilessly flunking first year students. But he noticed the slight feelings of doubt stirring within him. Although he clearly remembered all he’d read about brain surgery, he was starting to think a video about the basics of anatomy and a few pages on Wikipedia weren’t going to help him as much as he’d originally thought.