Year in Review


Well, this post has been a long time coming. And now, a month after completing my goal, I’m again working to carve out time to write and update this blog with my review of the entire year of blogging and a hint to what’s next. I’ve been ridiculously busy—too busy, actually—but I’ve also hesitated to say what I plan to do because then that understandable pressure of actually doing it will start hounding me every day.

(sigh) Accountability…it’s simultaneously wonderful and uncomfortable…

Anyway, last February, when I started this blog, it was after much time, pondering, and deliberation. I’d like to say that I was planning everything out, getting organized on my goals and plans, but really I was trying to get over being fearful and let go of some perfectionist tendencies—such a bad combo.

Anyway, once I made myself just start blogging, it was less scary. There was still lots of pressure and lots of work, but less fear.

My daily goal of writing made me rework my priorities, Continue reading


Month 12 in Review


This is it! Month 12!

Yes, yes. I actually made it. I completed my goal of blogging for one year. Now, to be honest, I’m a person who likes to finish what I start. But I’ll reflect more on the overall blog and this last year in a post I have planned for later this week.

This month was all about getting back into the swing of things. After focusing on Nanowrimo in November and traveling and working hard in December, January was really about regaining my focusing concerning my goal of writing daily and getting those posts up on the blog. Thankfully this resulted in Continue reading




  1.  shade; shadow.
  2. the invariable or characteristic accompaniment or companion of a person or thing.

It was strange to see a person who was simultaneously there, but not. Eyes open, fully awake, and yet so distant and disconnected.

His smile was virtually the same, just weaker. Even his strange way of lumbering more than walking down a hall remained untouched, but somehow just seemed a fraction slower than usual.

“Hey, Perry…”

Now it seemed to take a lifetime before he responded, slowly looking up from his book to engage in conversation.


Even his voice sounded off.

It was like those movies when Continue reading




  1. a state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquillity.

The wind picked up, pushing the small red Fit toward the rumble strips.

Patricia gripped the wheel tighter, glancing in the rearview mirror. Cherubic cheeks and a wide grin greeted her from the back seat.

“Are you okay,” she yelled over the wind within the car.

Peyton nodded, strands of blonde hair blowing around his head.

Patricia surged ahead on I-64 enjoying the deserted patch of highway, while reminding herself that she didn’t need a speeding ticket. She sighed happily, realizing that even if she received a ticket, this would be the first time in years she’d actually be able to Continue reading




  1. a person who is an expert skier.

Kala stared at the swollen mass that no longer resembled her knee. Her skin was a mixture of browns and blues with splotches of purple. Painkillers numbed her senses, but did nothing to diminish the fury swirling inside.

The Times had dubbed her the “Kanone of Kona.” Her family had been so proud. Even her dad had showed the article to his people at his shop. That moment had been the best. But now it seemed like it all happened so long ago.

She was the phenom, the wunderkind from humble beginnings–the slice of Americana that the public drank down like marshmallows and cocoa on a cold day.

And now?

Her career was shot. The first MRI confirmed what Dr. G had suspected. Everything was Continue reading




  1. an equivocal term; an ambiguous expression.
  2. a play on words; pun.
  3. double meaning; ambiguity.

Clint was two seconds too late.

He caught a glimpse of curly red hair exiting the shop just as he emerged from the back with a dozen pair of black orthopedic shoes. With all the strength he could muster, he resisted the urge to give into his disappointment and hurl the boxes of shoes to the floor. He knew this case of “terrible two’s” would pass and his sulking would pass when she returned.

“Here you go,” Clint muttered, angrily as he set the boxes down next to swollen ankles and began his quarterly 90-minute ritual of opening every box as every pair is tested and tried. He struggled to maintain his composure. This was the second time he’d missed her because of their slow-moving patrons.

“What’s wrong with you today, young man?”

Clint scoffed in disgust. He’d had it.

“I’m not that young! And the one time someone my age actually comes in here and I’m Continue reading




  1. Australian. a boisterous party or celebration.

The knock on the door is like the crack of a whip at the circus–loud and arresting. This week it bellows a tone of timidity, nauseating me.

Landis and Minnie are incessant. I know it’s them before I even turn around.

This is their Friday night ritual.

I begin to rub my temples, ready to feign some illness worthy of Continue reading